Know Why HTML5 Should Be The Choice For App Development

Know Why HTML5 Should Be The Choice For App Development

If you are a startup looking for ways to gain some business with app development then choosing HTML5 can be your best bet. It is an open source and completely free app development platform. The best thing is that it easily works on different platforms and you can upgrade it without much maintenance. 

Today more number of developers prefer to use HTML5 for app development compared to other app development languages and the main reason for it is that it is capable to work across different browsers and devices.

There are more reasons why you should be choosing HTML5 for app development and they are :

  • Just Right for The Emerging Markets

    The mobile market growth is more focused on the emerging market. iPhones are quite expensive and so the iOS apps have failed to impress people in such countries. 

    On the other hand, HTML5 can seamlessly function well on both expensive and cheap devices which makes it a better choice for the emerging markets. 
  • Enhanced UX

    When it comes to user experience HTML5 has already set a standard. This simply makes it a better choice for mobile app development. 

    Whether it is about responding back to the responses of the user requests or about OS-specific gestures, you can have HTML5 at your service. Remember that the UX is the single most important thing which can decide the present and future of your mobile app and so opting for HTML5 app development can turn out to be safe. 

    HTML5 makes use of features like geolocation and accelerometer for application development. Here you don’t have to add in any third-party plugins as it is more interactive as well as saves money and time. 

    Moreover, it enables the developers to play any audio or video without having to include any third-party extension. The apps are designed in such a way that it manages the images and graphics easily by making use of advanced canvas elements. 
  • Its Cost-effective due to Multi-Platform Compatibility

    The multi-platform compatibility feature of HTML5 enables it to work on different platforms like on iOS, Android and Windows. The applications which are browser based can run on different devices. This way you can save money by not building native apps for different operating system. 
  • Benefits of automatic updates

    The application providers and users can benefit from automatic updates. Moreover, the need to support different versions of the app gets nullified by using automatic updates. 

    The end user does not have to worry about manual updates as the important updates take place within the web and the native package offers access to it through browser engine. 
  • Mobile app development simplified by HTML5

    As each and every part is installed individually building apps on HTML5 is quite easy. Moreover, you need to go through a number of terms and conditions before working with native apps. When going for HTML5, you will be able to reach app store quicker. 

HTML5 comes with some important features like :

  • Bandwidth estimation
  • Better loading speed
  • Device battery inspection
  • Code performance testing 



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