Top 8 HTML5 Tools to Make Web Development Hassle-Free

Top 8 HTML5 Tools to Make Web Development Hassle-Free

HTML is one of the most trusted web development methods.  With new version HTML5, it has become one of the most accomplished web development tools. However, it is not possible without the support of some supporting tools. 

Let’s check out some of the most effective tools to make web development process most easy and reliable and also helps the organization to offer more quality in their HTML5 Development work.

  • HTML5 Maker

    This HTML5 development tool is widely used by web developers and designers. It is mainly used to add interactive elements to their website with the help of HTML, CSS3 animation and JavaScript. This tool helps to create stunning interactive banners, animations, and slideshows.
  • Google Swiffy

    This tool is very easy to use Flash to HTML5 converter. It is freely available on Google Developers site. You should upload SWF file and Swiffy. The tool will convert it, and send back with a preview. It also sends link to download the new HTML5 file. It is a really useful tool because it helps web developers to reach users on mobile devices, where Flash isn't supported.
  • BlueGriffon

    This is a free to use WYSIWYG content editor tool specially designed for HTML5. It allows switching between source code and WYSIWYG preview. In case web document is created with another editor, this HTML5 Development tool will import, recognize and modify it easily. The tool also allows embedding HTML5 audio or video elements into the code.
  • W3 Validator

    When web document is almost ready. It is very much important to check its markup validity. For that, purpose W3 validator is one of the most reliable tools. The tool will test entire code and show every errors and warning and shown that result to the user. 
  • HTML5 Reset

    This HTML5 tool allows web developers to rewrite their old website designs in HTML5 coding. It is hosted on GitHub as well as HTML5 Reset WordPress theme. It includes semantic HTML5 markup, CSS declarations widget-ready sidebar, iQuery, and built-in analytics.
  • LiterallyCanvas

    It is an open source HTML5 drawing widget. It is almost extension of famous MS Paint in JavaScript. Developers and designers can use it to embed drawing boards on their web pages. The tool uses. It uses React.js for its GUI.
  • HTML5 please

    This tool helps to find features which developer should use and learn how to do so. For example, type video and the long list of matter resources about supporting browsers and devices and most important recommendations are available on the screen. It is also possible to edit proposal and see the result of the new query. 
  • Font Drag

    This HTML5 tool helps web designers to check custom fonts without using any CSS. All users to do the drag and drop the font. The bookmarklet button allows the test of any font from the file system, in the gallery or on any website.
The list of HTML5 development tools helps developers to reduce their efforts while developing the creative websites. According to given features of the tools, each of them should be utilized for building robust business websites. The demand for the tools is high. Organizations just need to select right tool according their business needs.



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